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School Law Seminars

Betsy Hall Bender has been providing quality, engaging, custom training and seminar programs for a wide variety of clients for over 30 years. She believes that a school district with well-trained administrators and staff can confront issues before they become legal problems, which is the first step in avoiding lawsuits. As the adage says, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Betsy Hall Bender believes solid training for decision makers will greatly minimize the subsequent occurrences of legal problems.

Betsy Hall Bender is a skilled practitioner and presenter whose on-site seminars and training sessions provide participants with practical and easy to understand reference materials that can be used throughout the year.

Training courses are customized to the client and fully up to date with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations. Programs can cover topics to suit your specific needs, as well as cover a wide variety of topics. Simply give us a outline of what needs to be covered and we can do the rest.

Representative recent topics include:

Student Discipline from A to Z - A review of student discipline policies and procedures, as well as specific topics such as search & seizure, discretionary authority and expulsions.

"It was very good information!"

Basic Tips for Effective Documentation - A comprehensive review of administrative documentation practices covering incident memorandum, counseling sheets, complete requirements of PDAS documentation, as well as commutative data and professional growth plans.

"Information was easy to understand and stated expectations clearly."

Bullying - An update to the definition of bullying as redefined by House Bill 1942, as well as policies and procedures in regards to student transfers, and student sexual harassment.

"I liked the fact that everything is explained in detail."

Expulsions - A review of several topics related to the events leading up to expulsion as well as policies and procedures covering the subject.

"The presentation was direct, to the point and very clearly presented."

Disciplinary Considerations - Student discipline, covering a variety of topics such as threats of violence, reasonable suspicion, student interrogation, online harassment and impersonation.

"The specificity will help me be a good leader this year."

Parent Communications - Everything teachers and administrators need to know about the handling of parent communications, from the pitfalls of a “difficult” parent to the proper way to respond in a heated situation. 

"Excellent presentation; very informative! Great tool kit for future reference."

Practical Lessons for Documentation - Know when to document, what to document, and how to do it in an uncomplicated straightforward manner to avoid miscommunication and future employee issues.

"The hard-copy format to take back and use is great!"

FERPA - A basic primer on the responsibilities for school district personnel under the Family Education Right and Privacy Act.

"Presentation was direct and to the point. Lot of information. Informative."

Preventative Measures – How to avoid employee lawsuits; dealing with the “problem” employee; Implementation of the intertwining constraints of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), FMLA and Workers Compensation laws.

"The presentation was great and very specific."

Sexting - It’s Not “For your Eyes Only” - An overview of legal issues arising from the context of sexting, cyber bullying and use of technology by students, both on and off campus.

"I appreciate the legal expertise from Ms. Bender."